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October 16, 2005



I met Patrick through Timmy, almost five years ago. I know him to be a loving, generous, serious, creative and forgiving type. I am unable to express anything, but a fact I feel you all should know...I was working at Crunch, Patrick passed by my window, he was happy and enthusiastic. I saw the people from the plaza flocked to the railings overlooking the intersection. Know I cried and prayed for Patrick without even knowing it was him. Everyone in the plaza, my co-workers, employees from SushiDan, the theatre and Virgin all held vigil for the soul of our loved one. People were not being looky-loos but praying, meditating or hoping against all hope that our friend was cared for throughout his last hours of earthly ordeal.
I saw the aftermath. I can only deduce that our friend was united with God immediately upon contact. I felt no faltering or lingering. Since we know the relationship and love Patrick had for his choice in Spiritual Advisor, I have no doubt "the Big Guy" grabbed him immediately and allowed no pain or suffering. I hope this brings some peace and if anyone feels the need to have more information they may contact Matt and receive my contact info. My thoughts and prayers are with all of us.

John Dorst

I met PK at PDI. I didn't know him as well as many others who have written here. Even so, I'll always remember his smile, his laugh and the sparkle in his eyes. I'll never forget how he smiled and blushed a little (ok, he blushed a lot!) after I complimented him on his beautiful singing at the PDI Christmas party at Kohl Mansion. I was truly impressed at how talented he was and how at ease he seemed while singing to the standing room only crowd of co-workers.
I just looked at his website and I am once again amazed by his talent and brilliant photography.
His job at PDI was to bring people together to do creative, wonderful and innovative things. With his passing, he has once again brought people together. This time however, we're here to celebrate his life and mourn his death. We're here to remember him and how he affected us. We're also painfully reminded of how short our life is and how precious our loved ones are.
In a way I feel like I've connected to many old friends I haven't seen for many years... and I feel a closeness to many I've never met through their collective memories of this amazing guy.
I feel like I know him a little better now.
Keep smiling PK.

jt (aka wilbur)

Patrick, I only knew you for a short summer but we shared some great times together. Thankfully you allowed me to capture your daily shake routine on camera. That short 5 minute clip of your life embodied your wonderful sense of humor and I treasure that tape and my memories of the fun times we shared together. I am not entirely certain why you called me Wilbur but it fit me well that summer. It must have been your keen eye for the truth. I am sad that you have been taken from our world so prematurely. But, I read all of these posts and it makes me happy to know that you will live forever in our hearts and memories.

Anita Stokes

Patrick was such an expressive individual. He was able to say so much with his eyes, without having to say a single word. His artistic side was beautifully expressed in his singing (what a great voice he had), dancing (he sure knew how to move) and photography (able to bring out the best side of his subjects). And his laugh—what a wonderful laugh! To me he truly embodied the sentiments expressed in the song associated with his beloved Irish heritage:

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter
You can hear the angels sing.
When Irish hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, they steal your heart away.

Godspeed PK

Martin Oppus

As so many of you have expressed, I too am in shock. I worked with PK at PDI and found that his boundless energy and enthusiasm was infectious. He had an open and accepting mindset that - for me - was something worth emulating.

PK - wherever you are, keep 'em laughing!

Corey Pope

Just as been said many times, I was shocked to hear this sad news. I worked with Patrick at EA a few years back, and feel absolutely blessed to have had that chance. I hadn't seen him in over two and a half years, but he was one of those guys that every time you thought about him, you were always smiling.

PK, you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart...

Mark Lock

Although I didn’t know Patrick too well, I would often see him every time I came to visit SF or LA. I remember his gregarious personality, his wit, his kindness, and his sweet smile. When I was in LA last Fall, we hung out at Patrick’s place for a party. I remember getting yelled at for talking too loudly about Debbie Gibson! But I also remember sensing the warmth, ease, and camaraderie present in that place – which I can only attribute to Patrick. Reading all of these heartfelt comments about Patrick shows that he is well-loved, and that in turn is a wonderful reflection of the people with whom he chose to surround himself. May all of you find comfort and peace during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you.

Sue Blanchard

Oh, PK. What can I say that hasn't been said and felt by hundreds of others who had the good fortune of having you in their lives? I have a thousand memories and a thousand more beyond that. I am so, so grateful that we spent so much time together this past year. You saved my ass by bringing me on to help you with "Barnyard". Working with you day in /day out was all too familiar of our early days at Disney and it was just like it had always been. You are one of the few people close enough to me to see (and survive!) the good, bad and ugly of me. You're never flagging faith in me as an artist was appreciated more than you'll ever know. I hope you believed me everytime I praised your photography work, because it came from my heart. I know that you loved me and you know that I loved you. And still do. I miss you so much.


What's there left to say? I'm sure TLC knows the song from which I took the following lyrics. Jem sings it beautifully in "Missing You". My thoughts are with Patricks friends, and family.

"I wish this could be
a happy song
But my happiness disappeared
the moment you were gone
Don't think I ever believed that
this day would come
Now all I'm feeling
is lost and numb

And ohhh I know I promised
Mmmm that I would try

But I, yes I, miss you
and it's killing inside

I'll always be thankful
for the time we had
We were blessed
I should celebrate
but I feel too sad
All the wonderful memories
just make me fall apart
And it feels like somebody's
stabbed me in my heart

Walking, holding hands
Talking, making plans
Touching my heart my soul

I wish this could be
a happy song
But my happiness disappeared
the moment you were gone
Tell me it's not happening
Say it's not as it seems
Tell me that I'm gonna wake up
It's just a bad dream
Please tell me that it's fiction
Tell me it's just a lie
Whatever you choose to tell me
Please say he didn't die"

Jane Brind

I'm shocked that this has happened. As everyone else has indicated Patrick is the most unforgettable person ever. His passion, enthusiasm & creativity are unmatched. He was fantastic to work with (at EA for me) & was a friend too. Highlight - '02 Thanksgiving @ Patrick's which was the best Thanksgiving holiday we've had. And thank you Matt for this website - it is a huge comfort to know that Patrick would have LOVED it and been so pleased to see that he had such an impact on so many people. Patrick - you will be greatly missed.

Alicia Bissinger

PK, I am heartbroken that you are gone.

Thank you so much for how wonderful and generous and kind you always were to me, your support while I was still a student, and the singing class at PDI. Thank you for when you told me that you were proud of me, it meant alot. I'll always remember that you told me I was the most persistent person you every met. I'll cherish how much you liked the Halloween pumpkin for the PDI lobby and playing snowboarding video games at the EA booth. I am so grateful for the many kindnesses given, and so sad that they cannot be returned.

Joanne Lee

My beautiful cousin Patrick. Today I remembered being at my brother Chris' Christening (circa 1965)playing with him.Aunt Helen scooped him up to change his diaper!!
He told me he would be back and surely he was. I remember he was wearing burgundy short pants. His face never changed. I love him and will miss him forever.


Thank you Patrick for making me laugh so hard I nearly plotzed. And thanks for ordering the all- you-can-eat ribs at Saddle Ranch, and agreeing that we should each have our own plate because sharing one would be unethical. Thanks for taking me down a peg when I was really asking for it, and thanks for lifting me up when you knew I needed it. I'm sorry I called your wine collection "lower-shelf," and then proceeded to drink most of it anyway. You were always sincere, and always real, and I love you and miss you. I love all my friends more because of you.

Becoming Stronger

Whoever desires to strengthen his spirit,
let him leave behind respect, submission.
He will keep certain laws,
but for the most part he will break
both laws and customs, and leave
the acceptable, inadequate straight way behind.
He will be taught much by the pleasures of the flesh.
He will not fear the catastrophic deed;
half the house must be demolished.
So he will evolve virtuously in wisdom.

-Constantine Cavafy

Heather Freeman

I had the great pleasure of working with PK back in the day at PDI. I was in recruiting and I remember the first time he bounded into the office full of life and so much energy. I immediately took to him and we were to be partners in crime for a while. Then came Ila and we were the three muskateers. His passion and exuberance were absolutely contagious. We loved each other and even had it out a time or two as both of us were slightly stubborn and bull-headed. Still, I can't imagine that he isn't around this big world somewhere, it doesn't make sense. I had recently gotten his info from Ila and I kept meaning to drop him a line to say hello. I wanted to remind him of Siggraph in New Orleans when he didn't stop sweating all week- we laughed and laughed and as miserable as he was, he still laughed with the rest of us. You will be truly missed PK. I'm grateful for our time together and in simply having the honor of knowing you.

Larry Bafia

When we look back at the "good 'ol days" of PDI and the "culture" that has dissipated, it wouldn't be complete without PK in the picture. The "Pod" in Recruiting with PK and Ila was always a beehive of activity and laughs.

PK singing at the Christmas parties will always be memorable.

Celebrate life, our time on the planet is extremely precious.

Bradford Shellhammer

During the summer months, probably 4 years ago, I met Patrick through Timmy Cyrol and I instantly fell in love with his attitude, smile, and personality.

I remember driving to Napa and singing and drinking and getting tipsey.

I remember calling him Miss P and yelling like a sissy at him and loving every moment.

And like many love affairs that fizzle out, so did our brief friendship. People go different ways and places. But I always had a sweet spot for Miss P.

And right now that sweet spot hurts. I send much love to his group of friends. I know they adored him like no other and I hope they find sense in this very senseless loss.

Miss you Miss P.

Cindy Harrison

I was hoping all afternoon that this was a different Patrick Kenney. We hadn't been in contact for about 2 years - what a waste of time. I know if I were to see PK today, it would have been like no time had passed. Maybe that's why I was so blase about not being in touch for so long. Life got busy, we had a baby. I don't even know how Patrick felt about kids but I feel this incredible loss that my son will never get to meet him. I know their sense of humors would have agreed. Thank you so much for posting this website. Seeing the pictures of Patrick, I'm amazed at how well so many photos have captured his smile and the sparkles in his eyes. He obviously belonged on both ends of the camera. What an incredibly vibrant person, it's like I just saw him last week. How can it be that I'm not able to just send an email to reconnect? I heard about the accident from a friend who saw the story on the news and forwarded the article from the newspaper. Awful. I spent an hour this afternoon trying to remember Matt's last name or track down info on PK's family before I was forwarded the email. I hope someone will have time to catch me up on the last 2 years of his life sometime. It helps so much to hear that he was happy. My god what a fun(ny) man! How fantastic to read about the universal affect PK had on everyone. And here I thought I was special. That was one of his many gifts and I will so miss him.

Annie Lohr

As others have said, Patrick was one of those co-workers that made work fun. He had the most comforting laugh, it is no wonder he was able to get the best artists to go work wherever he was. Patrick taught me the difference between high poly and low poly, but more importantly what I learned from Patrick was how to be gracious and still have fun in a competitive industry.

Patrick, you will be missed very much.

Matthew Aube

"Don't even get me started!"

It all started at Pride 2001 in San Francisco with you and that damn Camera! :) I made many great friends that day and I am glad you were one of them. It is hard to believe that our friendship has been cut so short. Death is unpredictable and unfair, but memories of your contagious laugh, unconditional love and genuine road rage make me smile, even in this time of sadness. There are so many stories I want you to tell one more time. Like the vulgar message you left on the answering machine of a client during one of your road rage episodes. That story can only be told by you and it brings me to the verge of pissing my pants each time I hear it. I did not know you long enough, but I felt like I knew you forever. It must have been the New Paltz connection. Although I was in first grade when you were graduating college, I am sure we must have crossed paths at Ames. Yes, the same Ames where you stole a VCR and sold it to your brother-in-law. Thief... I can't talk to you in the past tense, because it is just not real to me. Here or there, you will always be in my heart and in my thoughts. If I could change one thing about you, it would be nothing. I know that you are in a better place right now, looking down at us and laughing along with us in each memory that you invoke. And they are countless. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family and friends and I remain optimistic that they can find peace and strength knowing that you touched many lives and will continue to do so even in passing. I love you PK and we will be talking more than ever these days. XO Matt Aube

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields and,
Until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

Denise Minter

Dear PK,
Although we have not connected for years, I will always remember you singing. At the PDI Christmas parties, you would be by the piano belting out show tunes-the life of the party.

May your soul rest in peace.
I'm sending out love and light to you, and to all in our larger circle who remain here on Earth on this very sad day.


Leif Estes

I just can't believe Patrick is gone.PK was truly one of the warmest people I've ever met,his passing is a great loss to everyone. I have no idea where I would be with out PK, he gave me my first job at EA and changed my life forever. I just can't believe he is gone...

Peter Grassi

My memories of Patrick are very vivid and it's easy to call many memorable stories to mind. His voice, bright mind and exuberant personality will resonate with me, as I'm sure it will with all of thus, for many years to come and well into an advanced age for those very close to him. It will be hard not to think of him when I pass by the Abbey on Robertson as I recall him speaking about his favorite bar before he made the move down to LA. He was blessed with being surrounded by people that loved him greatly in southern california and it's comforting to know he will be held in all our thoughts and the impact he had upon our lives will continue on. We're fortunate to have been guided along a little better on this path because of Patrick, and in this measure, his lifting spirit carries on.

Andrew Egiziano

Patrick helped me get my first job at Disney in 95'. Without Patrick I would still be parking cars. I had the pleasure of working with him again this past year and I remembered the guy who was never boring. Until we meet again.

Billy Polson

It was not just the sound of your laugh Patrick, but it was also the way we'd toss our heads back during the laugh and put our hands to our chest grabbing our pearls. That is how hard you made me laugh. And I will miss you and that laugh so much. You had a gift of capturing beauty not only in your work but in your life. And I am so glad to have so many of your photos and work to remember you through. In your own words, "Damn Gina!" - I will miss laughing with you more than words can say.

Tony Carnot

Dear Patrick,
My heart is heavy with sadness. When I read all the stories from all who knew you, I find that they are not different than those I personally had with you.
Your love of life and friends was always very important to you and your charm and enthusiasm was a joy to experience. You leave behind friends who love you and like myself were fortunate enough to have experienced the gift you had of kindness, friendship and laughter.
Thank you for being my friend.
I will miss you more than you will ever know.
My sincerest condolences to your family.

Tony Carnot

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