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December 12, 2005



Dear Tim,
Thank you so much for this treasure.I finally got up my nerve to listen to these much talked about songs. This was a very difficult Christmas for all of us but I'm sure I got through it spending time with my family and seeing a little bit of Patrick in all of them. Patrick loved to sing.He loved Christmas.He loved to laugh. Listening to these songs I felt Patrick's presence,like he was standing right behind me. Lord knows we miss him but now we have these beautiful songs to remind us of him.Thank you so so much.Love Dee

Richard Courtney

Tim, Thanks for the songs. They are terrific. And it brings me back. I am reminded during Christmas of Patrick and I putting up our little Christmas tree in our little apt. in New Paltz, even when neither of us were going to be there for Christmas. It was a great holiday for him. And any of the Concert Choir members that come to this site, remember the time in Boston. He was a hoot there!! All the best for a great holiday everyone and I know it won't be the same for any of us.


Hi Tim. (Hi Brian!)
Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. With each song I can see his face and picture him singing, something we used to do together often, usually though, we ended up laughing so hard we couldn't finish! I am so grateful for the sound of his voice Tim, especially now, at Christmas, our first Christmas without him. You are an angel to do this.
With so much love and many hugs,

Tim Kenney

Tim, thanks for reminding us of this tape.i've been listening to it since, along with the other xmas music.The one he wrote gets us every time but I think its a great song.Thanks again . Tim ( Pat's brother)

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