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October 16, 2005



To those of you who have kept this site active, thank you.

I knew Patrick for a brief time in San Francisco when I was in search of a photographer.

Today I am in the midst of a move and came across a small leather photo album that Patrick had given me as a gift to hold the pictures he took. Nearly six years later, I am finding sorrow in my heart again as I re-read this page, but happy to find the new comments that have been posted in the few years since I last visited. Its a shame that so much time has passed.

I leave LA in the coming days, just now having realized that Patrick lived here following our friendship in another town at another time. I look forward to visiting the intersection at Sunset and CH, knowing that his kind-hearted spirit will likely still be present.

Thank you Patrick for your friendship and the many kind acts that you delivered, the sort of things that people closer to me did not even do.

You are missed.

Ron Rosen

Oh my dearest Patrick...
I've just found out...
You will always be my first...
You will always be young... You will always be beautiful...


Ron Rosen

Lee S

I am so shocked and grief stricken to read this news. I was just thinking about Patrick, we have not been in touch for a long time, and sadly read the news. He and I met at the Walt Disney company many years ago and worked together through some very tough times. We did a lot of laughing together and became fast friends at work. He looked to me for an opportunity to be a recruiter in the Human Resources group and I knew he would be great. I am so sad that I did not get a chance to see how well he had done and what a beautiful life he created. I am glad to read he had so many friends.


i could use a patrick hug today... closing my eyes, and pretending you are giving one still feels pretty special... love you :)


Still missing you, PK.


I love your website. It has a lot of great pictures and is very informative. 990849949

Kevin H


I'm just some random person off the internet (living in southern cali) that just happened to stop by your site. I was searching up Cabazon's dinosaurs pictures in Yahoo's Images, just to see what they look like since i'm going to be visiting the city soon. I went to morongo's casino before and never knew the dinosaurs were there until now.

After a while, of searching pictures of the Cabazon Dinosaurs, i stumbled across your picture of PK, and 2 other guys (you?) and one of the dinosaurs in the back and i thought, thats a great picture. I then looked through the rest of the pictures because your gallery seems pretty neat. here's a group of friends/family enjoying their time.. what else could be better? I thought some of the shots were Amazing. the scenary pictures, the horseback pictures, mountains, things like that. It seems you guys traveled Everywhere!

I then decided to check out the main page.. only to find that this site was a dedication page to Patrick. The moment i read this sentence... "Our dear friend, Patrick Kenney, passed away on Friday, October 14, 2005.".... I froze for a bit. I read through a lot of the stuff you guys had to say including the funeral dates, and i almost had tears coming out... you don't know how much I feel sorry for you guys knowing you guys had to go through all this. I"m sure it was hard.. Judging by the pictures, i can tell that Patrick indeed was a good person (although i never met him). He seems pretty popular too with all these people around him, if i do say so myself Heh.

.. Sigh, things like this are depressing, but we all know he's safe and watching over us. Thank you for sharing your pictures and making this dedication page. You know what that shows? it shows that your a good person. Being the random internet user i am, i can surely tell you guys were best friends. So i'd just like to say to you, all his friends, and family.. keep it positive. try not to think about it too much cause I know it's depressing so much to the point where we don't want to live without a certain person. It's.. just... too... Hard. We just have to think positive and not negative and everything will be Okay.

As I am reading other people's comments including his brothers', i am in tears. Patrick wherever you are, we hope your doing well. Good luck

Thank Matt

Matthew M.

This really disheartening news. Very shocking. I haven't been in touch with Patrick, and just this morning I had a dream and was reminded I needed to get in touch with Patrick. His website was disabled, and found out about through this site after doing a quick google search. Patrick was a very cool guy, and a extremely talented photographer. I was one of his 1st models. He was great guy.


TIm Gales

Patrick and I have known each other since 1985 and our connection, like many, was music. So it was not surprising that we wrote songs together. I recenlty searched and found this one called "All Of My Life" which we wrote in 1992. It was so good to hear patrick's voice. If you'd like to hear it, go to to download the file for your own MP3 player. I hope it makes you feel as good as it did me when I heard his voice.

Kathleen Kenney-Bortell

Patrick was my brother, but he was also my oldest and dearest friend. He was 17 months older than me, and the closest thing to a twin I'll ever have. We grew up side by side, amidst a houseful of love and confusion, the two youngest children of 8, supporting each other, laughing with and at each other, singing together, trick or treating together, decorating years and years of Christmas trees together, and of course, aggravating each other to no end, as any close brother and sister do, but we were always there for each other and shared so much through the years. Patrick was the one who, when I was 5 and he was 6, lost his balance while playing Superman with me and as a result, cost me several stitches in my head. Patrick was the one who went to my first grade teacher when he was in second grade and asked how I was doing in school. (she did not appreciate his concern and told him so! ) Patrick was the one who went to the cheerleading director when I was trying out for the squad to see what my chances were. Patrick was the only reason I passed my road test after two failures because he spent his summer teaching me to drive. Patrick was the one who would knock on my door late at night after being out with his friends to give me updates. Patrick was the one who's beautiful singing voice resonated in the church during my wedding ceremony. Patrick was the one who decorated my sons Ninja Turtle cake for his fifth birthday party. Patrick was the one who christened my first daughter and years later gave her a gorgeous set of rosary beads from his trip to the Vatican. And Patrick was the one, who just two weeks ago called to tell me that he had made reservations to come home for her confirmation and couldn't wait to see us. And now Patrick is the one who's absence has left a huge hole in my heart, yet who's amazing friends have stepped in to gently help heal it. Doesn't surprise me in the least. Patrick would be proud of them.

Bobby Solorio

It is Tuesday evening, November 25th and it has been a horrible day. I went to get my haircut today and on the way I called Patrick at home because I had called his cell phone the previous day asking him a question, and since I hadn't heard from him I thought I should call him at home. So, I left him a message. I go get my haircut and there on the table is a business card with a picture of an attractive man. On the picture is written: "Photography by Patrick Kenney". So I say to my hairdresser, "Oh! My friend took that picture!" And my hairdresser says, "Yeah, apparently that was one of the last pictures he took before he died." I said, "Patrick isn't dead." And that's when the day became horrible. I was in such denial I went to his complex and knocked on his door, and then waited until someone who lived there walked by and he told me that it was true, Patrick was gone. What? Gone? No...he'll be back. I'll see him again. Right? So I go to the scene of the accident and I see the flowers by the bus stop. Oh my's true. And I wept. And then I noticed a homeless man by the benches pointing upward. And I think, "Man, why does this homeless guy have to be here..." And then I look up to see what he is pointing at. In the sky is a red balloon...and it's floating upward, higher and higher. And I couldn't help but think how that balloon symbolized Patrick. And I just watched the balloon disappear through the clouds...just as Patrick had left this world and is now with God. I can hear Patrick right now saying, "Oh brother Bobby, you're comparing me to a balloon! Thanks for making me even more self conscious about my weight!"

Patrick and I were set up by two friends. We met at a mutual friends engagement party 12 years ago. We hit it off...the clincher being that we both were HUGE Amy Grant fans. We dated for a few months and then I left to work in Japan so we became "just friends". Through these many years I have been priveledged to know Patrick's laughter, his honesty, his vulnerability, his strength, his fears, his faith, his dreams, and his love. Patrick would have done anything for me, and I for him. He recently took pictures of me for my personal training ad, and even though I drove him crazy, we both had a great time and were happy with the results. Patrick was someone who I of those people who was good at EVERYTHING! To say he was talented is an understatement. I will miss Patrick more than I can express...and I know that I am not the only one. He touched so many people's lives. I will never forget him.

I will be walking one day, Down a street far away
And see your face in a crowd and smile.
Knowing how you made me laugh
Hearing sweet echoes of you from the past.
I will remember you.

So many years come and gone
And yet the memory is strong
One word we never could learn
True love is frozen in time
I'll be your champion and you will be mine
I will remember you
So please remember
I will remember you.
(excerpt of "I Will Remember You"-Amy Grant)

Goodbye my dear Patrick. Give Max a pat on the head for me and I'll see you once my balloon passes the clouds. :)

Paul Carter

To have been a part of Patrick's life, however minute a part it was, is a blessing. I have some wonderful memories of spending days with him, Matt, and Tim C., just laughing and watching movies. He had a generous personality and an infectious laugh that made everyone gravitate towards him. Funny, it used to annoy me when he would punch me in the arm as he talked with me, but now my eyes well up with tears at the thought that he will never punch me in the arm again. We all have our own special memories of our friends, and I truly cherish the ones I have of PK.

Take a picture of James Dean for me PK...I'll see you in a few.

Regina Pellegrini-Leon

Patrick and I were college buddies. His death has shocked me so much that I feel like a part of me has been ripped out. We were young and silly and goofy and carefree back in the early 80's in New Paltz. We sang in the Concert Choir and Chamber Singers. We laughed till we cried and peed 50 times a day every day. We could just look at each other and the tirade would begin. He came to my wedding 10 years ago and that was the last time I saw him. We kept in touch intermittently over the next few years and as sometimes goes with long distance friendships we fell out of touch. His death has caused me to look back at our lives in New Paltz. It was a wonderful time to share with Patrick. He was intensely musical and inspired me in that vain so much. I am so happy to see from the pictures and notes on this site that he was happy and so loved by all of you. I feel lucky to have been a part of his life and he mine. I will never forget getting high at Lake Minnewaska or the time he came to my dorm room at 2:00am to rescue me from a boyfriend who tried to get a little too friendly against my wishes. Patrick was like that. He helped me, cured me, rescued me and gave me happiness, laughter and a lifetime of memories. I will miss you dear friend. I know that you are in a better place. I wish you peace and more laughter in heaven. If anyone can make those stoggy old saints laugh it's you. Thanks to all of you, Pat's friends, for this wonderful insight in to his life. It has been wonderful and healing to read your notes and see all the pictures. Have a blast in his honor on 11/4! Be well.

Amy Massingale Hassler

I met Patrick while we were both working at Will Vinton Studios. We were both new there, and Patrick was the first friend I made in Portland. Like many people have expressed here, the friendship was instant and felt like we'd known each other forever. For awhile, we spent nearly every weekend together - discovering the city and places around Oregon. We went to restaurants, art festivals, parties, movies, everything. We even celebrated the millenium together. As we welcomd in the year 2000, Patrick asked everyone to take a moment to say what they were thankful for. I gave thanks for new friends because I felt so fortunate to have found Patrick and other WVS friends in Portland. It was a night I'll never forget. Patrick had the ability to take a moment into a special, more meaningful place. He had so many talents. It seems that around this time he was also begining to get into his photography, which I am thrilled to see had become so accomplished.

My favorite Patrick story concerns a diet. The Patrick I knew was a big teddy bear of a guy...and to me, it only seems right. It takes a pretty good-sized container to hold that much life, laughter and love. But he was not above the occasional fad diet! Around that time, the "Zone" diet became pretty popular (no bread or other carbs). He tried it, and told me later about his experience. "Sure, I lost some weight," he said. "But after about 2 weeks I was ready to f*#k a bagel!!."
I absolutely love this story and every time someone is on that diet, I quote Patrick and they fall over laughing.
That was Patrick. And so is the hand-made birthday card I got from him, complete with PK photos. Laughter, and love. Lots and lots and lots of both.

Patrick was the brightest of lights and will remain one of my most precious memories. Go with God, PK. And know that you are so loved.

anonymous please

I didn't know patrick. I only knew of him. Through a friend I was aware of him, and through this friend I was able to sense the uplifting effect he seemed able to generate in people. All I know of PK is this - He was a gifted man, and meant a lot of things to a lot of people, and the simple effort of someone to set up this site then influxed with such a momentous array of tributes, exemplifies this inexplicable feeling he instilled in his friends. PK, thank you for being a friend to my friend. Clearly, you were and shall always, be loved. Anon

Corey Skoviak

I don’t remember the first time I met Patrick. I just know that we were suddenly friends and it was as if I had known him my entire life. That amazing twinkle in his eye was so infectious, it made you feel as if the two of you shared some inside joke that no one else was in on. Patrick knew I’d been going through some tough times recently, and he was the first person to reach out and ask if I was ok. He offered his shoulder and advice easily - sometimes he offered the latter even when you didn’t ask for it! Once at Hamburger Mary’s, I made a rude, vodka-inspired comment about the general appearance of bingo winners and Patrick turned to me and let me have it with both flashing blue barrels. “There are no judgments in Hamburger Mary’s! No judgments!” Only Patrick could read me the riot act and have me apologizing for weeks afterwards, and when he accepted me back into his good graces, it was like mom wasn’t mad at me anymore. Patrick was more than just a friend to many of us; he was family. His holiday parties were legendary, and it always felt like I coming home when I walked through his front door. A hundred thousand welcomes - from the heart.

Patrick, this world seems incomplete without you. Part of me feels like we’ll always be looking for you. I know we won’t find you at your grave, but in the faces of the friends and family whose lives you’ve touched, in shared laughs… in a stranger’s smile.

Now that you’re gone, I see you everywhere. I love and miss you,

Jason Ronquillo

patrick was truly one of those human beings that just have an incrdible light !
I only knew him a little under a year, but he was such an inspiration to me, spending this last summer with him, and cooper will always be in my heart. He helped me in so many ways, I came to him with a broken heart, and he gave me his gift of love and laughter, and with his guidence...and hugs , I came out a stronger person. because of him...well I guess I can say Patrick saved me! you are loved and missed!

Adrian Morales

He was a good soul *smile*

Sallie Shahid-Saless

Patrick, Patrick-
We met only 5 days before he left this world and we spent a total of 2 hours together. So why do I feel this colossal grief?
Your poignant entries/pictures here give me the answer. That gigantic bear hug he gave me when we said our goodbyes was the real deal.This was that rare guy who radiated his love all around ...I envy you all who knew him longer.
Thank you for sharing your memories of life with Patrick. I feel better having visiting this wonderful tribute. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

"What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us"
-Helen Keller

Sallie Shahid-Saless
(Cameron's mom)

Susan Turner

When I heard the sad news regarding Patrick a piece of my heart was taken away.

I remember the first time that I met Patrick Kenney; it was in the early nineties on a summer day at a festival in Santa Barbara. He was with Steve Beyer and we hung together all day and laughed. Over the years, I have gotten to know Patrick. He loved life; He loved his family and friends. He was truly a unique person. I am blessed to have known him and I will cherish the moments I have spent with him. Recently, I would phone him on my way home from work to ask him if he wanted to walk to Target but he was committed to Bingo Nights at Hamburger Mary's. I laugh everytime I think about him greeting me; Patrick would say, "HELLO SUE" as he waved his right hand with a sweeping gesture.

I will truly miss my friend Patrick Kenney.

Steven Solomon

I hope not to intrude on the grief of those who knew and loved Patrick. I had just sat down to lunch in the window of CPK and was a witness to the terrible accident. If I can offer any comfort please know it happened in seconds. He was gone before he knew what was happening and did not feel any fear or pain. From the news I learned Patrick's name and then found his websight and then this sight. I am grateful for the comfort found in learning about Patrick. To be able to see his beautiful gifted photography and to read of so much love freely taken and given. Thank you for letting me remember this man for the life he led and not the death I witnessed. I now know he was a funny, generous, talented, silly, kind, loving man. I am sorry I did not have the chance to meet him first. My thoughts and prayers are with Patrick and all who knew and loved him.

Herve Suffet

My partner Steve Beyer already said it all, but I just wanted to confirm how much Patrick meant for us. We were waiting for him to have dinner together on that tragic day. I guess that, now, he will be waiting for us: ce n'est qu'un au revoir, Patick dearest!

In loving memory.

Laura Lockwood

I've been checking in everyday to read all the posts on this wonderful tribute website. Anyone would be so lucky to have so many loving friends and family.

Matt, in the midst of your incredible loss of your closest friend you managed to keep PK's spirit alive by creating this website and bringing people together. Thank you! It's been so comforting for me and I'm sure everyone else.

PK, I'll see you again.


I can't claim to have known Patrick nearly as well as so many of the rest of you, but perhaps that makes my comment all the more telling about what a terrific person he was and will be remembered as. I met him a little under 2 years ago through Tim and in the handful of times I'd seen him out and about since then, he ALWAYS greeted me with tremendous warmth, a hearty hello, and that infectious smile. In a place where people can tend to be self-absorbed or otherwise indifferent toward those they don't know well, Patrick was a notable exception. He and his spirited personality will be missed.


My Chiclet

I have never had a brother and I have never really had a best friend, until PK. As Patrick used to tell me years ago, I am a tough nut to crack. But, he used to always remind me that it was his forte to crack nuts, which is why he probably always invested so much time in our friendship. Its so difficult for me to imagine that Patrick is really gone. I guess it has to do with the fact that after knowing him for 6 years, I feel that for the first time he was completely happy in life. Everything was exactly how it was supposed to be for him. He was pursuing his passion, he had an incredibly comfortable home and most importantly he was surrounded by a group of friends that love him so much.

In the last few days, all I have been able to think about is PK. The amazing smile that lit up my life, the eyes that could make you laugh or cry at the drop of a hat, the laugh that could blow me out of the chair and of course those hugs, nothing made me feel more safe or secure then being held in Patricks arms. I can almost feel the hug still that he gave me last Sunday. But most important to me about his friendship was the fact that Patrick really got me. He knew when I was down, he knew when I was happy, he knew when I had been naughty, but the bottom line is - no one has ever gotten me like Patrick. I felt that I could be myself completely, no hiding at all, and if I tried, he would call me on it. He taught me that who I am is not a bad thing, that its a good thing, and if people don't like me, screw them. And I would have to say that this lesson is single handedly the most important thing that anyone has ever taught me. He of course would say - "come on JP, even more then your pre-school teacher that taught you the alphabet, don't be so dramatic".

But nothing truly defines Patrick to me, then his amazing gift of friendship. His gift of befriending people was quite extraordinary. I think it really came from the fact that he sees the best in people right from the get-go. I always use to tell him that I thought that he had the gift to look into other peoples souls. That it was this gift that allowed him to be so happy with people, and maybe the reason why he held his friends to the highest standards as well.

But to me, when I think of Patrick as a friend, I can't help but think about his unique friendships. And of course no friendship was more special then his love for Matt Head. When I first observed them together years ago, I couldn't help but notice their chemistry. They literally finished each others sentences, they made each other laugh, they made each other snort and no two people could have a better fitght then them. But their friendship incapsulated what a perfect friendship was about, and I cry at not seeing the banter between them again, as Patrick would say, they were the modern Lucy and Ethel. Then of course there was Tim, oh these two were so good together, I guess because they were very similiar. A little OCD, both strong willed and of course a bit competitve. But that clash defined a very loving friendship, one that blossomed into a real and true love, Patrick cared a great deal for Tim, and I know that he was happy that it developed into something so precious. Then there was Matt Allard. He used to always say that he was old enough to be Matt's dad. I think that helped Patrick keep perspective on his age, but I also know that this friendship made him feel young, because he told me. And for as much as Patrick would have liked to think he was the father figure, I think it was the other way around, because everyone knows that PK was a kid at heart. Then of course there was Cameron. Cameron was what he called the stable friend. The person that kept things in order and in check. And I think this friendship allowed Patrick to loosen up, I know this sounds weird, but he didn't have to be the responsible one with Cameron around. At Cameron's birthday this year, Patrick told me that no one made him feel safer then Cameron, and I think he cried when he told me that. But of course like most birthdays with us, things were hazy.... Did I mention that Patrick knew how to drink.

As I said so long ago, before I the flood gates of words opened, Patrick was very a brother to me. My life has changed so much since I met him, and of course over the past two years since he moved back to LA, never a day has gone by where Patrick wasn't a part of my life in some shape or form. His love and tenderness towards me was undying. His honesty and advice always helped guide my decisions. And whenever I needed anyone, he was there for me with what I exactly needed, whether it was warm love or tough love. I can honestly say that I am now a better person for having known Patrick, and I can honestly say that no day will ever go by when I won't have his love in my heart, continuing to help make me a better person, the person he always said I could be. I love Patrick Kenney, the sweetest, most caring, most wonderful person that I have ever known.....

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